The Banquet Invitation and the party crasher

A king prepared a wedding banquet for his son. When everything was ready, he sent his servants with a fleet of Cadillacs to pick up the invited guests. But the guests ignored the servants. One went off to check on his ranch. Another refused to leave his business. Several others heaped abuse on the servants, smashing the windshields of their limousines and fatally wounding several. The king was enraged. He called in his palace guard and sent them to destroy the ranch of one, the business of the other and cast the violent ones into the sea.

After pondering what to do with the magnificent banquet that was ready to be served, he sent more servants out into the city’s streets and alleyways to gather all the people they could find; the good, the bad, the downtrodden, the poor, the homeless, and the prostitutes. “The empty seats must be filled,” he said. “Provide them all with wedding garments.”

But when everything was ready, the king went in to begin the celebration. But he was astounded to see one man wearing only shorts and sneakers instead of the required suit and tie. “How did you get in here without wedding clothes?” he said. The man trembled but could not answer. The king then ordered that the man be cast outside.

King Jesus invites many to his salvation banquet but sadly many make excuses, despise his offer or live distracted self-centered lives. Often it is the weak and despised who celebrate the good news banquet. But some try to crash the happy party without putting on the robes of righteousness that Christ provides. Sad, that so few heed his words, “Come onto me.” (See Matthew 22:1-14.)


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