A World of Explosive Potential

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAScant weeks ago, the deciduous hillsides stood lifeless, clothed in their brown and grey winter cloak. As the sun rose higher, it sparked a resurrection. In the buds at the ends of maple and poplar and oak branches, sap tickled forth life. The buds began to swell. And in scant days tiny new leaves split open their winter cocoons and peeked forth.???????????????????????????????

We’re so used to this happening every spring, we think nothing of it. But when we look closer it seems miraculous. How could those dry, scaly buds—each bud distinctive, by the way—have the potential within them for such delicate new leaves to form? How did the Creator craft such a thing? A package so tiny and yet so resistant to winter’s frigid breath that it could contain the embryos of the miraculous food factories that leaves become????????????????????????????????

Now as I look out my window, a myriad subtle shades of green clothe the hillsides in a cloak much fancier than Joseph’s coat of many colours.

Actually, the miraculous mantle of green we now see all around us is but one example of a world full of explosive potential. And most of that latency has been packaged by the Creator in miniscule capsules. A piece of fluff that becomes a giant cottonwood ???????????????????????????????tree. An acorn that grows into a mighty oak. A tiny seed that morphs into a plant yielding mouth-watering tomatoes. A drop of water that becomes a snowflake.

And what of an embryo that develops into a baby? Each baby is born with astonishing potential. Will he or ???????????????????????????????she grow into another Einstein, a Michelangelo, an Alexander Graham Bell, or a Florence Nightingale? More important, will that child become a person full of love and compassion who adopts orphans, or stands up for the downtrodden, or reaches out to a tribe living in superstitious fear. Often those with the least promising start in life and the most disabilities surprise us with their potent talents.

What about the potential for good in a kind and encouraging wor???????????????????????????????d? The possibility that dawns with each new day? The potency of a prayer uttered in desperation and faith? Even the possibility contained in a 140 character tweet—for good or ill? The power of an idea? The uplifting effect of love, the soothing power of forgiveness, or the encouragement found in a hug?

None of these top the potential in a simple message, the good news of the gospel. It’s about the Son of God came and dwelt among us, died in our place for our sins, was buried and rose again the third day. He is now seated at the Father’s right hand from ???????????????????????????????where he will return. It’s good news because, the moment we really believe Jesus and his mission, we are transformed—born again. Our slide into the mire and muck of our own potent selfishness is halted and rise up to begin our ascension of a mountain of new possibilities.

All over the world from Ethiopia to India to Indiana, people a???????????????????????????????re being turned right side up by its simple but dynamic power. That happened to me when I was 19. I hope and pray it is your experience. If not ask Jesus right now to come into your heart and become your Savior and Lord.

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  1. Hello i am kavin, its my first time to commenting anywhere, when i read this paragraph i thought i could also make comment due to
    this good article.

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