Spring Reminds Me to Celebrate Youth

In the spring we gaze in awe at the flush of new growth we see all around us. The reviving trees paint the whole countryside with a coat of vibrant, light green. Basswood spring leavesHow to describe this astounding colour? Is it lime green? Not quite. Emerald green; closer but not as dark. Sea green may be closer still. Perhaps bottle green? Whatever the technical term might be, we love how the Creator decorates the hillsides with a thousand subtle shades of spring green. So fresh. So alive.

It reminds us of the vibrancy of young life. The wonder we feel at the birth of a new baby. The energy and excitement of a child. The awesome potential of a young person with his or her whole life ahead. It’s wonderful to celebrate along with youth the hope and dreams they feel.

Many of us older folks remain vibrant and hopeful but sometimes our aches and pains and sorrows make us somewhat jaded and world-weary. Admittedly, there are children who are obnoxious and young people who have a dark and hopeless view of life. But ???????????????????????????????too often we find unnecessary fault with the antics of a child, the perceived carelessness of a teenager, or the brash self-confidence of a twenty-something. Could our irritation be rooted in envy? Or perhaps nostalgia?

Older and younger, we need each other to achieve balance in life. Sadly, the modern breakup of families has left many of us without any positive experience of the warmth of an extended family; children, parents, grandparents, uncles, cousins. We segregate everyone into age brackets: Gen X, Baby Boomers, Millennials, and so on. It may help marketers but it’s not healthy.

Every year has a spring, summer, fall and winter and every human needs connection with people of every age and experience. Pers???????????????????????????????onally, I don’t find living in a senior’s ghetto attractive at all. (To some it may be just what they need.) But most of us seniors need to rub shoulders with children and young people—and they need us older folks. Perhaps some of their joie de vivre will rub off on us and some of our wisdom on them. Perhaps we’ll become more tolerant, better adjusted, less jaded and gloomy. Didn’t Jesus rebuke the disciples for hindering children from coming to him?


One response to “Spring Reminds Me to Celebrate Youth

  1. Eric, I like your examples of how you carry the reader with your picture language that always has a point related to it. One thought flowed into the other like a river.

    I agree with what you say about senior ghettos. Most seniors enjoy being around young people. There is nothing like youth to keep the spirit of youth alive in us. Although, this 51 year-old isn’t going on a skateboard any time soon. I’ll reserve that for the youth, who can heal faster than I can.:)

    Perhaps, when you get some time you can come and check out my blog at http://osborne2029.wordpress.com/ and let me know what you think of it and the writing I do. I am also a co-author on Mind’s Seat, which is a Christian inspirational blog.

    I am a country boy at heart. I was born in a small town named Thornbury, which is in the northern Georgian Bay area. I still remember the enticing aroma of those delicious apple pies with cinnamon my mother would make and then put on the window cill to cool. The apple pies call out to me as I am playing outside with some of my friends, “I’m yummy. I’m tasty. Come and devour me.” Now, it was a sacrifice eating those apple pies that took me away from my friends. But, sometimes you just have to do your duty. It was a sacrifice I was willing to make.:)

    Now, I could also tell you about the time I was elected to get a boomerang back that landed on our roof. But that’s another story.

    I really enjoyed visiting your blog. Keep up the inspiring writing!

    Have a Son-filled weekend!


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