Why Atheists Think Christians Are Arrogant

Here is an exceptionally clear and helpful post.

A Christian Worldview of Fiction

Preaching God's wordMy post today is actually in response to a comment from an atheist on another site. We had a brief exchange of ideas, and in his last comment, he said I shouldn’t bother responding because he wouldn’t be reading on that thread any more. Then he repeated his charge that I, like other Christians, am arrogant.

This individual isn’t saying anything I haven’t heard before, but it’s not a charge I’m willing to accept in the context he’s delivering it.

As it happens, I am arrogant—it’s a part of my sin nature which causes me to be deceived into thinking I’m better than I am, more truthful, more intelligent, more kind-hearted, more . . . you name it, and I’ve probably thought it if it puts me in a good light.

But that’s not the arrogance I, and other Christians, am being accused of. Rather, the idea is that because…

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One response to “Why Atheists Think Christians Are Arrogant

  1. This is good. We are definitely all arrogant to one degree or another. The atheist shows this when he refuses to listen to an opinion that differs from his won. (I’ve found this to be true with political beefs as well!)

    Also I have said for hers that two opposing beliefs cannot possibly be true and it’s time we acknowledged it. Two opposites cannot be equally valid but our society does believe this.

    Anyway thanks for reposting.

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