Life Is Waiting

Life at this age is waiting. Waiting on the phone to get an appointment. Waiting in doctor’s offices. Waiting at the lab to get a blood test. Waiting to hear the results. Waiting for the back pain to ease. Waiting at the therapists. Waiting at the Pharmacy.

Yesterday we waited at a lab for Mary Helen to get a blood test. The room was full when we arrived about 9:30. By 10 it was packed and people were coming, peeking in the door and leaving.

What an interesting cross-section. A bearded old-timer with his long grey hair done up in a pony tail. What a story he must have to tell. A slim teen with green hair. Matrons staring into space. A grizzled senior reading novel. A fashionable senior with a Louis Vuitton look-alike purse pacing up and down, in and out, unable to sit. Seniors predominated; some with canes, one or two with walkers.

Today we waited at the physical therapists. Life is waiting.
This week-end brings Good Friday and Easter. But as Mary Helen found out by using the ancient greeting, He is risen, no one seems to know what this holiday is about. Easter eggs and bunnies?

But to those who believe, this Easter is another statement of affirmation. He has come. He taught. He healed the sick. He delivered from demons. He raised the dead. He was crucified. He rose again and is alive for ever more.

Easter, however, introduces another kind of waiting. Waiting for the Return of Christ. How long O Lord? Please come soon.

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