A Realistic Suspense Novel Based on Tomorrow’s Headlines

The Lightning File — The Story:

In The Lightning File a cadre of terrorists plot a four-pronged attack that may prove devastating to America. The only person who has a chance of uncovering this menace is Josh Radley, a feature writer for the Toronto Times. Unfortunately, Radley’s personal life is spiraling out of control.

A huge argument on Easter Sunday escalates to the point where Stephanie, his wife of 25 years, demands a separation. A few days later Josh meets Nadia, a beautiful Pakistani psychiatrist with whom he develops an instant rapport. Angry with Steph and almost overpowered by Nadia’s allure, Josh struggles to remain faithful to his marriage covenant. Josh grew up as a missionary kid in Pakistan—hence his rapport with Nadia—but has since drifted from the faith. Will he be able to revive his marriage and resist the temptations he faces?

Set in Toronto, and the countryside on its eastern frontier, The Lightning File connects drugs and murder with a consortium of companies and a cryptic code in Urdu and Arabic. The book highlights the uneasy relationships a reporter must develop with police and national security agencies while struggling to maintain press freedom in an age obsessed by terrorism.

Will Josh solve the code that threatens America? Will he be able to convince the authorities to act? Tension builds to a climax as Josh joins a task force racing to head off a series of devastating attacks on key targets, including a nuclear plant near Toronto.

Reviewers’ comments:

“A captivating, thought-provoking, pulse-racing thriller.” Kimberley J. Payne, author

“Cleverly crafted… Eric Wright uses the current political concerns about terrorism to create a fast-paced novel. He captures our attention with his sympathetic character… Josh walks a tight rope… about hope, faith, and love… I don’t think I’ve ever felt like a work of writing needs to be out in the public like I do about this work. I think it makes us all stop to think about what’s important in life while enjoying the suspense of each page. It doesn’t just entertain, it makes us think.” Kim Grove, former project manager, The Globe & Mail

“The pages turn themselves… A delivery of precise slivers of action culminating in a literary explosion.” Eric J. Kregel, writer & adventurer

“An intriguing, realistic plot and very believable characters… I’d open the newspaper some mornings half expecting to read an update on this story!… I found myself really caring for the characters.” Frank Meredith, writer & musician

“Josh’s realistic problems and his efforts to overcome them make for an intriguing, fast-paced story. A real thrill ride.” Rebecca LuElla Miller, author & editor

“Readers will identify with Josh Radley. He procrastinates, speaks before he thinks and falls far short of his goals. Yet one has to admire the dogged way he pursues a story even when it lands him in serious danger.” Elma Schemenauer, editor & author

“Ever since September 11, 2001, many of us have asked the what if questions. What if the terrorists attacked a target closer to me . . . What if there are sleepers living and working in my city or town?… Eric Wright’s new book, The Lightning File gives our imagination a voice.” Sandra Grant

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