The Story:

When Ashlyn’s husband Craig unexpectedly dumps her on St. Simons Island, she must survive emotional betrayal, financial ruin, kidnapping Riptide_h11210_300by the Russian mafia seeking her husband…and deal with her attraction to Remy, a Shrimpboat captain

Ashlyn Forsyth believes she and her husband Craig have come to idyllic St. Simons Island to restore romance to their flagging marriage. Then, without warning, Craig hands Ashlyn, divorce papers. In shock, Ashlyn watches him drive off with a female colleague from his office. She soon discovers he is being pursued by the Russian mafia and investigated by the FBI for money-laundering.

Will she find the spiritual resources needed to overcome adversity? Will attraction blossom into romance?

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 What Reviewers Are Saying:

Patricia Day:  I read your book in two days! Excellent. I couldn’t put it down.” I’d like to say that this is a demure read, but that would mislead you. It is a rip-roaring thriller, where heartbreak, romance, and intrigue abound.

Eric Wright’s latest book Riptide proves to be an excellent read, with Ashlyn Forsyth desperate to outwit Mafia and government agents alike.  Edge of seat storytelling that keeps the adrenaline rushing, and fingers busy turning the pages.  Highly recommended.”

Violet Nesdoly:  Ashlyn Forsyth joins her husband Craig on St. Simons Island (Georgia) so they can work on their relationship. But when, after only three days, he hands her an envelope and then drives off with a female colleague from work, Ashlyn fears she’s been had.

Craig’s letter requesting a divorce and stating that he is dropping out of sight blindside this middle-aged marriage counselor/deacon’s wife. Surely, with her relationship experience, she should have seen it coming!

But Craig’s actions are only the beginning. The cancellation of all her credit cards, the seizure of their house in New York, and the visit of two FBI agents prove how serious is the trouble Craig and his investment agency are in. Soon Ashlyn is herself in a cat-and-mouse chase with the Russian mafia in Riptide by Eric E. Wright, a tale that kept me on the edge of my seat for most of its 328 pages.

Main character Ashlyn, struggles inwardly with why God is allowing these bad things to happen to her, will her young-adult children be safe, and who is she now that her marriage is falling apart and she no longer has the credibility to run her counseling business. Remy Jeandeau, a rough-around-the-edges but gentle shrimp fisherman keeps popping up whenever Ashlyn is in the thickest trouble. Soon she’s also fighting feelings about him that she knows a married woman shouldn’t be having.

The St. Simons Island setting, with its laid-back lifestyle and beautiful scenery is a contrast to the story’s dark elements. Wright’s descriptive yet efficient writing style is a good vehicle for this tale with scenes that range from lyrical to danger-filled. The hunt and chase segments are masterfully rendered; I felt like I was watching them on a big screen.

Readers who enjoy complex characters thrust into a world of danger and intrigue, where characters are driven to the edge and forced to dig deep to survive will enjoy Riptide. Watch for this Harbourlight book from Pelican Ventures, due to release in March of 2014.

I received a digital copy of Riptide from the author for the purpose of writing a review.

Laura Connell: Riptide hits the ground running and never lets up. Like a short story, the novel begins in the middle of a scene of great tension, wasting no time getting the reader into the center of the action. Somehow the author is able to sustain the tesion throughout the entire novel: I found myself looking forward to getting back to the book so I could resume running alongside the likeable characters in this high-octane adventure.

The book’s title refers to turbulence on the sea caused by abrupt changes. The main character’s previously calm and predictable life has likewise been torn asunder by developments beyond her control. Facing a sudden divorce, Ashlyn Forsyth displays all the ambivalence of someone going through an emotional trauma. We join her in a series of intense trials and temptations as she is pushed almost beyond her limits (divorce is the least of her immediate troubles). We see the human ability to survive impossible circumstances with God’s help as she leans on her Savior during desperate times.

The ocean theme runs throughout the novel with a rugged shrimp boat captain coming alongside Ashlyn during her time of deepest need. I was able to visualize the scenes while reading them which made me think the book would translate well to film. I found myself wishing I knew people like Valerie, the inquisitive stranger, and Lottie Jane, the salt-of-the-earth waitress at the Shrimpboat Cafe. Ashlyn’s struggles with her own mind, her relationship with God, her attraction to a new man, all brought on by a frightening series of events not of her own making, provide an enthralling read.

Jayne Self, “Craig and Ashlyn Forsyth stand at the back of the church listening to the choir. He hands her a sealed envelope, and walks out. Leaving Ashlyn alone, and her hope that this romantic vacation would rekindle their marriage destroyed.

Ashlyn is a Christian marriage counsellor who thought she had her life in order, thought she was in tune with God’s plan. But as her life falls apart—between run-ins with FBI agents and Russian mobsters, her life really is imploding—Ashlyn must reassess who she is, and what is really important.

Canadian author, Eric Wright, gave himself an interesting challenge by writing this novel from Ashlyn’s point of view. He does a commendable job portraying her thoughts, feelings, and attitudes. He also paints the setting for most of this novel, St Simon’s Island, Georgia, with believable strokes. From waitresses to shrimp fishermen, the characters come alive.

Pacing is a bit of an issue in the first part of the novel. I would have liked the action to start a bit sooner. But once it does start, there is no time for Ashlyn or the reader to catch their breath.

Riptide is a fun, satisfying read

Sharon Dow: I thoroughly enjoyed reading Riptide by Eric E. Wright. It was fast-paced with many twists and turns which made exciting reading. I loved the island setting and learned interesting facts about the shrimp trade. Not only was it a good read, it also provided helpful insight into coping with divorce and learning to move on after a crisis in life. Well done!

Janet Sketchley: Vacationing on St. Simon’s Island to revive their marriage, Ashlyn and her husband, Craig, are in church when he hands her an envelope of divorce papers and walks out of her life. Betrayed and bewildered, Ashlynn soon finds out it’s worse than she thinks. The FBI has frozen her and Craig’s assets and seized their house in an investigation into Craig’s alleged money-laundering.

Ashlynn is a respected marriage counsellor. How can she face her clients? Craig is a deacon in their church. How could he have an affair, let alone commit a crime like this?

She can’t even ask him, because he’s disappeared with his attractive female co-worker. Leaving Ashlynn to fend off FBI agents and the Russian Mafia, who claim Craig lost their money. Naturally, they want it back.

Riptide is an engaging story of one woman who discovers inner strength and deeper empathy for the people in situations she’s only addressed professionally in the past. She also learns to trust good friends instead of relying solely on herself. Most of these friends are new, people who reach out to her in her pain on the island: Remy, captain of a shrimp boat; Lottie-Jean from the restaurant where Ashlynn takes temporary work; Valerie from the local church.

The counsellor part of Ashlynn observes her reactions to Craig’s desertion. If she goes back to her clients, she’ll have a greater insight into their pain.

Remy, who fancies himself a “knight in blue jeans” appoints himself her protector—from car repossessors and from the Mafia goons when they find her. Ashlynn can’t trust her feelings toward him. Even though Craig won’t consider reconciling, shouldn’t she keep trying? And is she really drawn to Remy, or is she just rebounding from Craig?

Riptide is a suspense novel, but the danger isn’t overt until far into the story. Until it escalates, readers develop a strong sympathy for Ashlynn as she spars with the FBI agents and dives into a busy waitressing job with no experience.

Eric Wright brings St. Simons Island to life and gives us a look at shrimp fishing and storms at sea. Once the action starts for Ashlynn, it doesn’t stop. Don’t plan to put the book down unfinished.


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