Through a Country Window

Inspirational lessons discovered in the countryside, its characters, creatures, events, and seasons.

A What happens when a farm girl from South Carolina and a city boy from Toronto trade their suburban split-level for a log house in the country? Besides crazy craft on the Ganaraska River and live theatre in a barnyard, Eric & Mary Helen Wright discover crickets in the bedroom, and thunder on the ridges. They also rediscover the creative majesty of God—and much more. 

ISBN 1-55306-202-7

264 pages -40 photographs



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What other authors are saying; “His enchanting journey unfolds as he and his wife discover the never-ending wonders of rural life at all seasons. Joyful, wistful, and often funny, this is a book to delight the reader.”    Claire Mowat, author of The Outport People 

” “Lyrical and affectionate, with a wry wonder at Nature’s gifts and human nature.” Ron Wright, author of Time Among the Maya

 ““Delightful journey down roads seldom explored these days. . . Eric Wright takes us on the vacation of a lifetime filling it with gentle reminders of the joy of simplicity and the power of faith . . . the vacation ends too soon!”        Phil Callaway, author of Making Life Rich Without Any Money

 “ Be warned that Eric Wright’s enthusiasm for the country is infectious, and “Through a Country Window” may make you want to head down country roads of your own.”   Maxine Hancock, author of Love Knows No Difference: Learning to Give & Receive.

Through a Country Window traces the pilgrim’s progress of Eric and his wife, Mary Helen, as they move through their first years in a wood-heated log house. . . The author explores everything from Ganny [river] racing to gardening, from      gastronomy to godliness, his spirituality continually reinforced by the evidence of his senses. . . . A charmingly told tale of the quality of  life that is possible when one surrenders to the charm and power of the elements, and takes the time to find the simple goodness in one’s neighbours.”  Eileen Argyris, Northumberland author

“For the urban and suburban reader alike, pastoral in scope and purposefully calming like a millstream of  unchanging country life that could be in New England as easily as in Ontario or Quebec. it is a wonderful and gentle reminder of the sights and sounds and colours and smells of country living . . . a thoroughly good read.” Art Cockerill, author of Emma of Albert Street, Sir Percy Stilltoe, Sons of the Brave 

A few of the chapter headings

  • Gossip Central
  • Country Carousel
  • The Great Southern Gooseway
  • The Value of Occasional Indulgence
  • Red Flag Flu
  • Crazy Crickets
  • Hallelujah Hill
  •  Where God Rakes Leaves
  • Cattlemen Love Blondes
  • Barnyard Theatre
  • Trauma on Trespass Road
  • Where the Sky Springs Free
  • Garden Warfare

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